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[Top 5] Best Brokers for Long Term Investing

By on December 23, 2012

long term investingA lot of traders are impatient and want immediate results. These traders make investments in the short term. The time span of these short term investments may range from a few seconds to as much a week or maybe more. They invest according to current market dynamics.

This kind of investing is pretty risky but it does provide huge dividends if you are successful. On the other hand the general time span of long term investments range over several years. There is a slow but steady income generation which over the years accumulates to yield a significant amount of money.

To serve the needs of investors who want to go in for the long haul, several brokers offer investment packages to attract these kinds of traders. In its annual review of online brokers, Barron’s lists among other categories, the best brokers for long term investments, for the benefit of traders.


Fidelity’s website is full of articles explaining the benefits of long term investments to the readers. Fidelity provides several types of funds which are meant for long term wealth creation. Fidelity equity fund is a long term investment in stocks.

The investment can have a small, medium or large cap. Some of the funds offered by Fidelity for the benefit of long term investors are Fidelity Equity Fund, Fidelity International Opportunities Fund and Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund, among many others.

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has a well stated program to guide those interested in long term investing. Their WealthRuler tool analyses your savings and long term investment strategies to predict the condition of your investments in different market scenarios.

These predictions can help you to modify your strategy so that the predictions might become more aligned with your goals. Additionally, TD Ameritrade provides you with assistance in managing your portfolio. They favor you building diversified portfolios because of dynamic market stabilities.

TD Ameritrade also gives you access to more than 13,000 mutual funds which include 100’s without any transaction fees. Other areas where they focus on are retirement plans and saving up for college education.

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Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is known for its excellent customer service. They are among the oldest brokerage firms and have developed a very loyal clientele. One of their strengths lies in long term investment. Charles Schwab provides access to several tools and features such as alerts, streaming news, real time quotes, market commentary reports, analyst research reports.

Many live workshops are held to help a trader learn about various things, long term investment being one of them. They have over 300 offices in USA alone which enables clients to have personal interaction with employees at Charles Schwab.

All this helps the trader to form sound trading strategies. In addition, an impressive 2000 mutual funds are offered to investors. All these factors combine to make Charles Schwab among the top brokers for long term investment.

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One of the major areas being focused upon in E*Trade is customer education. In 2001 alone, 57 live events were held with even more promised in 2012. Many of these educational programs aim at educating investors on the benefits of long term investments and the right way to go about planning long term investment strategies.

They help you to form your retirement plans and also to manage your portfolio. Besides education programs, E*Trade also has a great suite of analytical suits which are great at serving long term investment plans.

They also have a great customer service and their customer service officials are approachable on the phone or at one of 28 local branches spread throughout the US. All these factors combine to make E*Trade a favored destination for long term investors.

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TradeKing has a very active trader’s community as well as highly approachable employees. Even their CEO can be easily approached by any concerned investor. They have also got a lot of great analytical tools meant to benefit options traders, but which are also beneficial to long term investors.

Their professionals guide the traders in the formation of effective long term investment plans through a series of articles, live events and webinars.

Their cheap fee and commission rates also encourage their investors buy big and hold on to that stock. TradeKing also offers support in opening retirement accounts and educational savings accounts.

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