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7 Online Brokerages With The Best iPad Apps

By on December 17, 2012

iPad Apps for brokers
Of late one of the fastest growing trends in 2012 is the ongoing obsession of the iPad. Steve Jobs, the previous CEO of Apple had dreamed that the iPad will revolutionize the way business is conducted. He dreamed of an ever increasing mobility of computing technology.

His dream is now being realized, and online brokerages around the world are taking note. The iPad is on track to break all existing norms and has completely redefined the way we conduct business transactions. Ever since its launch in 2010, the iPad has been recording exponentials gains in popularity. In fact, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple reported that 55 million iPads have been sold since 2010.

In an environment where an increasing number of people want to be able to conduct business transactions on the move, it makes good business sense to invest in the development of iPad trading applications.

Keeping in tune with this trend, Barron’s has included mobile and tablet apps as a crucial parameter on which various brokerages were rated. Those who still hadn’t come out with an app suffered in their ranking. Here’s a list of some of the brokers with the best iPad apps.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers (IB) has been voted as the best overall brokerage taking the combined score across all categories into consideration. It has been awarded a rating of 4.5 stars. Additionally, they have a terrific iPad trading app called mobileTWS. MobileTWS enables you to electronically access your IB account from your iPad or iPhone.

Order management, account management and a view of your trade transactions are just some of the features that you have access to in the mobileTWS. You also get access to real time, continuously streaming quotes, charts and also scanning tools. The SmartRouting technology scans the web to search for the most optimal prices suiting your trading strategy.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Mobile, formerly known as iStockManager is the trading app for iPad offered by TD Ameritrade. This app allows you to check out your favorite stocks. A cool new feature – Snapstock, has been built into this app.

Snapstock allows you to use your iPad camera to click a picture of any barcode. Snapstock then fetches all the relevant market details of the manufacturer of the product bearing that barcode. You then have the options of placing a trade order for that company. This can be done instantaneously.

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After the immense success of their initial mobile trading platform – the ETrade Mobile Pro, they lost no time in developing a version of the same for the iPhone and iPad. These apps allow you access to the latest market quotes and news.

They also enable you in creating advanced stock orders and in managing your portfolio. These apps have a high degree of integration with your online accounts and allow real time checking of account balances.

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The iPad app launched by Fidelity allows you to connect with the market and find the next big investment opportunity. Advanced charting and research tools have been inbuilt into this app. You also get access to streaming of real time quotes and other market news. They serve to keep you constantly updated on market dynamics.

Advanced portfolio management tools have also built into the app. Another new feature allows you to electronically transfer money to your Fidelity account just by photographing a valid check.

MB Trading

MB Trading already had a mobile trading platform for the iPhone from some time. They just modified it a bit to make it compatible with the iPad. This app is called MBT mobile pro. A larger screen size and a better computing capability has been exploited to make a very clean, quick and well designed interface.

You are provided access to live streaming of updated data and market news. Keeping in line with MB Trading’s regular platform, there are a slew of forex trading features on offer in this app.

Charles Schwab

One of the oldest and most respected brokerage services is getting wiser to new technology. They are among the first brokers to have come out with good trading apps for the iPad.

Even without having to log in, you are provided detailed charts, real-time news, and analysis reports on several stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds.

The app allows you to trade in options, stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds. You can also check out your positions and account balance. The status of your current order can also be checked. All this is available on a single page. The quotes and the watch lists are automatically updated regularly.


OptionsXpress is another broker with a fine iPad app. With this app you can keep a check on your current account balance and on your buying power. You can also view, edit or cancel existing orders from the order status screen. You can also view your optionsXpress portfolio and check out your positions.

Placing orders has become a very simplified process by using one click trading. You are also provided with access to options chains which lets you view real-time quotes for any leg of your trading strategy. You can also build complex spreads and calculate an options intrinsic and time value.

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