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Charles Schwab Promotion Code

By on October 16, 2012

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Basic Charles Schwab Review:

Charles Schwab is one of the first names that comes to mind for many people when online brokerages are mentioned. This firm has been around since online brokerages first opened and yet continues to move forward to stay competitive in the industry. They recently acquired optionsXpress, introduced a new trading platform and lowered their commissions. With more than 300 branches, many prefer to use this brokerage which offers excellent customer service and quality third party research.

Trading costs at Schwab are relatively high though and the trading tools are only average. No app is currently available for BlackBerry. The user experience is excellent, making this a good choice for novice investors, one-stop shoppers and long-term investors.

Charles Schwab Fees and Commissions

A minimum of $1,000 is required to open an account. Equities and options run $8.95 with options having an additional .75 cents per contract. Bond prices range from $0-$1 and automated phone trades incur an additional fee of $5. If an investor wishes to have a broker assist him or her in a trade, the cost is $25. There are no platform maintenance fees and mutual funds are $49.95 which is in line with other brokerages. Margin rates range from 8.5% to 6.0%.

Types of Investments

No matter what type of investment is desired (as long as it is not FOREX), Charles Schwab can help. Equities, options and mutual funds are available along with ETFs and IPOs. Futures may be purchased through optionsXpress and international exchanges may be done with the help of a live broker. Schwab also has a huge selection of no-transaction fee mutual funds to choose from.

Education, Research and Tools

Investors have access to tax lot selection, market commentary, market analysis and more. A trader community is offered and StreetSmart Edge helps to simplify those trading activities which are very complex. Live workshops are available along with free tutorials. What makes Schwab really stand out is its research offerings. Access to expert opinions, analysis and more from J.P.Morgan, Credit Suisse and more is included with each account.

These features are one reason many choose to make use of this brokerage. Their outstanding customer service is another. When a problem arises, an investor wants to know it will be resolved quickly due to the money involved. With Schwab, that is never an issue.

Have you used Charles Schwab before? Add your own Charles Schwab review and ratings here.


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