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Cobra Trading Promotion Code

By on October 16, 2012

If you're going to open a new account with Cobra Trading, make sure you claim the Cobra Trading promotion code listed below!

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Basic Cobra Trading Review:

Known in the trading industry for their above average customer service, Cobra Trading is making a name for itself among very active traders and the day trade clientele. The company touts customer service as their main priority and it shows. They hire knowledgeable representatives to answer the phones and avoid automated phone systems. Additionally, they are online via instant messaging, using Yahoo, MSN, and AOL for an alternative means of communication.

Cobra Trading Fees

Offering the Venom Trader platform, stocks and ETFs are $5 each. However, if you use the RealTick or Sterling platforms, you pay .0005/share when you trade up to 250,000 shares each month. If you trade 250,000 or more shares each month, the price is .0004/share. Mutual Funds are $25 and Platform fees are as follows: Venom Trader-free, Cobra IQ $125/month, RealTick and Sterling $250/month. Options are $5 plus .95 per contract. $2,500 is required for a Cobra Trading Account and Day Trading requires $30,000 to open and $25,000 as a minimum. The free broker assisted trading, low share price and flat rate commissions are among the lowest in the industry.

Cobra Trading Account Features

The professional trading platforms offered by Cobra Trading make it stand out from the rest of the crowd, offering some of the best in the industry. With excellent executions, the trader never experiences lagging and crushing. The company is well-prepared to handle high volume days with ease. Cobra also offers customized commissions. They state if you don't find the commission schedule you are looking for, contact them for a customized schedule. One gets the feeling that Cobra definitely wants to earn your business over the long haul.

Cobra Trading is earning business by not charging surcharges on large orders, orders placed after hours or penny stocks. They offer a flat commission plan with no hidden fees. They strive to get to know their customers, help them with short locates so that when you want to make a trade, you will have every chance to do so and reliable trading platforms that can't be beat. If you're ready to step your trading up to the big leagues, Cobra Trading is a place to go if you want support.

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