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Interactive Brokers Promotion Code

By on November 2, 2012

If you're going to open a new account with Interactive Brokers, make sure you claim the Interactive Brokers promotion code listed below!

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Basic Interactive Brokers Review:

What comes with an Interactive Brokers account?

Are you considering opening a brokerage account but can't decide on an account that is best suited for you or one that offers the options you need? Opening an account with Interactive Brokers gives you several advantages that comes standard with the account and offers traders several tools that other accounts simply do not. By looking at the account features as well as the Interactive Brokers fees associated with the account, it will help you decide if it is right for you.

Your account is online and gives you the tools you need to trade anytime you wish. If you are a forex trader, the account has the FXTrader that gives you a user-friendly interface to do all your Forex trading. You are shown real-time charts that help you analyze the current market and trades. Quickly view your portfolio and have several strategies for trading within your one account. In addition, you can allocate funds automatically and from multiple accounts. Use an advisor to re-balance all of your accounts or just one account. You can also change your risk profile by easily allocating the amounts that suit you best. The Merger Acquisition feature allows you to trade the stocks you have quickly in the event you learn of an acquisition or merger.

Interactive Brokers fees?

There are two prices associated with the account at Interactive Brokers, and that is the Flat Rate meaning you are charged a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the share or value. The other is the Cost Plus you also have the fixed price you're charged but it is based on volume.

Having an Interactive Brokers account takes a lot of the leg work out for you and makes it easier for you to trade and keep track of your accounts and portfolio all in the same place. The tools provided are invaluable and have the capability to bring your trading and your investment portfolio to an entirely new level. You have the ability to use many of the automated features or you can choose to manually make adjustments yourself, depending on your comfort level.

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