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By on October 15, 2012

If you’re going to open a new account with ShareBuilder, make sure you claim the ShareBuilder promotion listed below!

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 Basic ShareBuilder Review:

In 1996 Sharebuilder began and in 2007 it was bought by ING Direct. Another acquisition took place at the beginning of 2012 when Capitol One Financial Corporation acquired ING Bank, which includes ShareBuilder. There are several accounts to choose from including individual, joint, Roth and Traditional IRAs, Education savings account, and a custodial account. Because of the ING connection, account holders are encouraged to use ING Sharebuilder, where automatic trading can set up with relative ease.

ShareBuilder Account Features

This discount brokerage account can be opened in less than 15 minutes. The account tools and interface are user-friendly without being bogged down with too many features that would confuse new traders. Sharebuilder typically attract newer traders, so the idea for the company is to keep it simple yet intuitive at the same time.

Research provided via Sharebuilder helps beginners pick suitable investments, and with help from tools such as the screeners and charts. You can use the mobile apps that are free and allow you to trade via your mobile phone. The website is intuitive and the belief in keeping things simple yet powerful seems to be the way the company strives to keep their broker accounts and online tools.

Sharebuilder fees

There are three different account levels to choose from including the Basic, which has no monthly fees and you’ll have the option of investing in their low $4 investments automatically. There is also a Standard account that comes with monthly fee of $12 but this gives you 6 free automatic trades each month and additional trades are only $2 so it is not a bad deal. The Advantage account is $20 per month that offers 20 free automatic investments each month and you can purchase more for just $1.

If you choose automatic trading, ETFs and stocks are as low as $4 an investment. If you trade manually, stocks and ETFs are $7.95 to $9.95 per trade, so it definitely pays to set up automatic trading, which is what the company set out to do in order to have continual activity in accounts.

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