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By on November 6, 2012

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 Basic TD Ameritrade Review:

TD Ameritrade is the name that comes to mind for many when thinking of online brokerages. Over the past few years, this company has undergone a number of changes. Recently, they chose to acquire and integrate with thinkorswim, which is a premier trading platform for retail investors. Investors like the fact that this firm is easy to use and offers straightforward pricing. The service is personal and research from Morningstar Associates and S&P is offered. Broker assisted trades do tend to be expensive. Margin rates and trade prices are on the high side also.

TD Ameritrade fees and commissions

No initial deposit is needed to open an account with this brokerage. Equities run $9.99 while options are $9.99 plus .75 cents per contract. Treasury bonds come in at $25. Other bonds and CMOs are priced based on net yield. Mutual funds cost $49.99 while broker assisted trades are $44.99. There are no platform fees and margin rates range from base plus 1.25% to base minus 1.50%. Futures range from $2 to $3.50 which does include exchange fees. Any stock trade runs $9.99. The size and order type don’t matter in this situation and the price is the same at all hours of the day.

Types of investments

Investments may be mixed with TD Ameritrade. Equities, options, future and ETFs are offered. Fixed income and mutual funds are available. Investors have access to IPOs and 137 pairs are offered on FOREX. Stocks, options and futures max be mixed, up to eight option legs traded at any time and options and FOREX traded. International exchanges are expensive though as they do require a live broker.

Tools, research and education

This company offers everything from market commentary to free live streaming quotes. Level II quotes, breaking news, market analysis, trader community and research reports are offered for investors. TradeArchitect is the web-based platform used and is very user-friendly. Analyze investments with the help of Market Motion Detector and advanced traders love features offered with the thinkorswim software. Free tutorial, webinars and live workshops make investing easy for the beginner or the experienced investor looking to learn more. Free access to third-party publications is another.

With excellent customer support, this company is the perfect choice for investors of all levels. The service alone is one reason why many wouldn’t go elsewhere. TD Ameritrade account features are another.

Have you used TD Ameritrade before? Add your own TD Ameritrade review and rating here.


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