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By on November 5, 2012

If you're going to open a new account with TradingBlock, make sure you claim the TradingBlock promotion code listed below!

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Basic TradingBlock Review:

In September 2010, TradingBlock started offering services as an online discount brokerage firm. According to Wikipedia, a discount brokerage charges their clients much lower fees than a conventional brokerage firm. However they usually offer fewer services and technical support. You may never have a need for the extra services, so using a discount firm can save you a lot of money. In the past it was only the rich who had brokers and stock market access. The birth of the Internet has seen a virtual explosion of online discount brokers where you can trade with a smaller fee. Using these firms, almost anybody can invest in the stock market. If you are fine doing your own research, a good discount broker is a great way to invest.

When you open a new brokerage account with TradingBlock, you may be able to trade for free for six months as long as you meet the terms of the offer. It must be a new Individual or Joint tax-exempt account that is funded with at least 2,000 dollars before the first trade. No more than 250 commission-free ETF trades are allowed within 180 days of opening the account. A maximum of 2,000 shares per trade are allowed to qualify for the free commission.

The company has a number of account features such as the TradeBuilder and Trade Analyzer which helps you to find and analyze strategies. The stock and ETF Finder lets you search and scan for stocks that are making long-term trends. You have access to predefined scans to find stocks that relate well to your style of investment. You can sort your finds by market cap, primary exchange, sector, and security type. You also have access to the TradeBuilder to discover the best option strategies using only the date, stock, and price outlook. Enter this information into the strategy engine to receive up to 40 option strategies ranked by maximum profit opportunity. Pick one you like and launch the Trade Analyzer to see potential performance. You can either save it to analyze it further, or click "Trade" for strategy execution with one click.

The firm charges $7.50 per stock trade, $20.00 for mutual funds, and $30.00 for bonds.

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