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By on November 5, 2012
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Just2Trade opened its services to investors in 2007. It is a division of Success Trade Securities (est.1999). This company is already a veteran in this industry with more than a decade’s experience. Besides Just2Trade, Success Trade Securities also owns LowTrades.

In this Just2Trade review, I’ll cover what Just2Trade has to offer, who they’re right for, and give you guys some links to the latest Just2Trade promotions. If you’ve used Just2Trade before, please add your own rating and review below.

Just2Trade – The Basics:

Investments: Stocks, options, mutual funds. NO international investments, forex or futures.
Commissions: $2.50 per trade for stocks and mutual funds as well as $0.50 per option contract (subject to certain conditions).
Investor Education: Video tutorials, tiered learning modules. Test your understanding with online quizzes.
Mobile apps: Mobile site, no apps.

Just2Trade gives its brokers quality executions at low prices. Besides, Just2Trade also offers comprehensive research and trading tools. Traders can also benefit from their customer service on phone and online.

The minimum to open an account with Just2Trade is $2,500. Apply for an account now.

Pros & Cons Of Just2Trade:

Pros Cons
  • Very low commission rates compared to others in the industry.
  • Real-time level 1 and 2 quotes are free.
  • Morningstar research is offered free to its traders.
  • Free dividend reinvestment is offered. This is also valid for fractional shares.
  • Margin rates are low.
  • Beginners and inexperienced investors do not get much support.
  • A minimum balance of $2,500 is required to be maintained.
  • The choice of mutual funds is poor.
  • The Options Exercise or Assignment Fee is $20 per assignment or exercise.
  • Customer service is more email-oriented.
  • Account balances discrepancies are frequent.

How Others Rated Just2Trade In 2012:

Barron’s: 3/5 stars

          Highest rated category: Costs

          Lowest rated category: Trading Experience and Tech

Smart Money: N/A (not rated)

          Highest rated category: N/A (not rated)

          Lowest rated category: N/A (not rated)


Word On The Street Is…

Barron’s describes Just2Trade as a broker who offers a good package of products at very low cost. However, beginners and novice traders may not find Just2Trade suitable as the company likes its traders to have at least 2 years of experience.

Overall takeaway: A decent choice if you’re an experienced investor looking for discounted trading (stocks, options and mutual funds). Just don’t expect to find an exceptional range of investments or great customer service.

Just2Trade Promotion Code:

Hit the link below to claim the latest Just2Trade promotion. Click below to claim promotion code Sorry, no current promotions – click here to apply for an account now.

Where To Open A Just2Trade Account:

Open A Personal/Joint/Custodial/Business Account With Just2Trade: Apply Here

Open An IRA Account With Just2Trade: Apply Here

Open A Forex Trading Account With Just2Trade: N/A

P.S. Don’t forget, if you’ve used Just2Trade before, please help us by adding your rating and review below!

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