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By on November 5, 2012
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Kapitall, Inc. was born as a combined brainchild of a video game entrepreneur and a financial technologist. As a result, this very unique trading platform, which is infused with strong trading and research tools looks like a video game portal, allowing investors to “play the market” in more ways than one.


In this Kapitall review, I'll cover what Kapitall has to offer, who they're right for, and give you guys some links to the latest Kapitall promotions. If you've used Kapitall before, please add your own rating and review below.

Kapitall – The Basics:


Currently stocks only.


Stock trade commissions are charged at $7.95 per trade. Broker assisted charges are also higher than average at $30. Traders can also earn Kapitall Koins when their portfolio does well. These Koins can be accumulated and swapped for rewards and gifts on the Kapitall store. ACH transfers, both in and out of account are free, but $35 is charged for returned ACH. Wire transfers are charged at $30. Traders who trade paper free, do not have to pay too many fees. Traders who request paper transactions will have to pay $80 as stock certificate fee, $5 paper statement fee, $5 tax document fax or mail fee, $20 check request fee and $5 paper confirmation fee.

Investor Education:

Weekly newsletter & Kapitall Wire (see other notes).

Mobile apps:

Currently iPad only.


Other notes:

In 2011, Kapitall Wire, a sister site, was launched to give traders insights into the market and offer high quality trading advice, commentary, investment ideas and analysis methods. Kapitall Generation is a fully owned subsidiary of Kapitall Inc.

Practice portfolio feature helps traders practice real time trade with $5,000 virtual money. There are no minimum account opening charges for setting up a real trading account (Apply for an account here). The company does not charge any maintenance or inactivity fees.

Pros & Cons Of Kapitall:



  • Very easy user interface on its refreshing video game like trading platform.
  • Strong trading and research interface.
  • Good user experience on the platform.
  • Kapitall iPad app is available.
  • A very good option for beginners.
  • Good customization options.
  • Very easy to use drag and drop trading features including groups of stocks, individual stocks and portfolio.
  • Prompt and effective customer service.
  • Kapitall Koins is a very fun and attractive feature for all traders.
  • Only stocks are offered currently.
  • Very limited investment options.
  • The video game like appeal may be uncomfortable for seasoned traders who prefer traditional and more serious looking trading platforms.

How Others Rated Kapitall In 2012:

Barron's: 1.5/5 Stars

          Highest rated category: Usability

          Lowest rated category: Range of Offerings

Smart Money: N/A (not rated)

          Highest rated category: N/A (not rated)

          Lowest rated category: N/A (not rated)

Word On The Street Is…

Kapitall has really struck the chord with novices and the generation of young traders for whom video gaming is a part of life. The company is still very young and is developing at a steady pace. By the end of the year, more investment products are likely to be added. The firm already has a strong patronage, and so far we haven't heard many complaints from users.

Overall takeaway: If you're looking for a fun way to trade stocks, give Kapitall a try.

Kapitall Promotion Code:

Hit the link below to claim the latest Kapitall promotion. Click below to claim promotion code Get $25 cash when you open an account

Where To Open A Kapitall Account:

Open A Personal/Joint/Custodial/Business Account With Kapitall: Apply Here

Open An IRA Account With Kapitall: Apply Here

Open A Forex Trading Account With Kapitall: N/A

P.S. Don't forget, if you've used Kapitall before, please help us by adding your rating and review below!




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